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Oral Sedation In Crystal Lake

Even if you really like your dentist, you might experience some anxiety around getting your teeth cleaned, or being scheduled for a new procedure. At Perfect Choice Dental, we understand that dental visits are not everyone’s cup of tea. With this in mind, we have dedicated a series of features in our office that help mitigate feelings of distress to provide a relaxed experience.

Good News For Anxiety Patients

Oral sedation is a safe and useful tool for patients who need some extra assistance in feeling safe and relaxed in the dental chair. We also find that it encourages patients to maintain their oral health, as it’s easy for them to stick to their regularly scheduled cleanings!

What Is Oral Sedation?

Oral sedation is a method of administering a controlled amount of sedative medicine before or during a dental procedure. It can dramatically reduce dental anxiety, to allow the patient to feel calm, relaxed, and comfortable. It is widely used by dentists all over the nation as a safe and reliable method to provide security and reassurance to patients receiving necessary dental care.

How Does Oral Sedation Work?

It is simply taken in pill or liquid form and ingested at a set time before treatment. Taken about an hour before your procedure, it requires that a friend drive you to and from your appointment. The drug produces a calming effect while you remain conscious and completely aware of your surroundings, making the visit to our office a much less stressful experience. Oral sedation is simple, safe and has very few side effects.

Nitrous Oxide Also known as “laughing gas”, it gently dulls the senses, reducing any perception of pain. It’s fast acting: you will immediately feel calmer and, it wears off immediately after treatment. There are no lingering effects!

Why Would I Choose Sedation?

In addition to aiding patients with dental anxiety or a fear of the dentist, there are other reasons that sedation could be useful:

  • The procedure might be lengthy or complex
  • You may have a psychological or physiological reason (such as a highly sensitive gag reflex) that makes you unable to remain conscious during a procedure

Don’t Put Off Necessary Dental Care

Prolonging a dental checkup, or avoiding making an appointment for a procedure such as a root canal, can turn small problems into big ones if they aren’t treated in a timely manner. Furthermore, they can become more complicated and expensive!

Your Family Dentist in Crystal Lake

If your stomach turns every time you think about going to the dentist, leave it to us to help you rediscover your smile. Our gentle dental care, combined with our calming sedation dentistry, will leave you feeling confident, supported and safe. Call us at (815) 477-3700 to learn more about comfortable sedation at your dentist nearby.

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