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dental implants

Dental Implants

Dental implants are regarded as the superior replacement method for missing teeth. Tooth loss, whether from age, decay, or injury, can seriously hamper all areas of your life. Eating your favorite foods, speaking clearly, and feeling confident around others can become a challenge. At Perfect Choice Dental, our priority is restoring your dental health, natural abilities, and radiant smile.

What is A Dental Implant?

A dental implant is a titanium base that mimics a tooth root. It fuses into the jawbone to support a dental crown, which acts much like a healthy tooth. Dental implants are the only form of permanent tooth replacement to be secured into the jawbone. Dental implants won’t slip or shift in place and with proper care, can last a lifetime.

Benefits of Dental Implants

Dental implants look, feel and function just like a natural tooth. In addition to restoring your natural ability to chew and speak with ease, there are other benefits of dental implants:

  • Available to patients of a wide range of ages and backgrounds
  • Strong and resistant to cavities and staining
  • Prevents rapid bone loss in the jaw
  • Permanently fixed into the jawbone and can last a lifetime
  • Reduces risks for losing multiple teeth in the future
Dental Implants

Do I Need a Dental Implant?

The experience of tooth loss can have both physical and emotional effects, from feeling embarrassed around others to having real difficulty with eating and speaking. In addition to some of the immediately noticeable effects, missing teeth can also incur:

  • Neighboring teeth shifting, moving or becoming loosened or lost over time
  • Uneven stress placed on the bite which may cause jaw pain, TMJ pain or TMD
  • Difficulty cleaning the teeth, which may lead to gum disease, tooth decay or infection
  • Rapid bone loss in the jaw, resulting in higher risks of tooth loss and change in face shape

Left untreated, tooth loss can develop into bigger problems, requiring costly and complicated dental procedures.

Is A Dental Implant Right For Me?

If Dr. Overmyer determines that you are a good candidate for dental implants, he will refer you to a carefully selected specialist in the dental community for the tooth extraction, if necessary, and implant. These specialists meet a strict set of criteria to ensure superior oral care.

Following the procedure, you will return to Perfect Choice Dental for your dental crown. A dental crown is a tooth-colored cover, or cap, that is placed over a dental implant. In addition to being used in conjunction with dental implants, a crown is often used to restore a damaged, weakened, or discolored tooth. Dr. Overmyer oversees the entire process, from consultation to extraction to implant to crown!


Dental Implant Restoration at Perfect Choice Dental

In the rare case that anything should to your implant after insertion, Dr. Overmyer will make whatever minor adjustments are needed for the perfect fit. During the implant restoration process he may carefully place and secure your personalized dental crown. Your comfort is a top priority!

Your Preferred Family Dentist in Crystal Lake, Illinois

We consider it a privilege to improve the lives of our patients. Your oral health, comfort, and confidence truly matters! We take great strides in providing personalized dental care with the latest in technology. If you are new to our office, we will schedule a “getting to know you” appointment prior to any cleanings or procedures to obtain your full history and put your mind at ease. You’re in excellent hands with Perfect Choice Dental! Call us today at (815) 477-3700 to make your appointment!

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